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Developments in Control of Systems With Constraints (Informal Seminar)

Developments in Control of Systems With Constraints Pointwise-in-time state and control constraints often pose difficult challenges in control design. Although for specific applications the engineers are usually successful in treating the constraints on a case-by-case basis, systematic control system design techniques that deal with constraints are of significant interest, and they hold promise to greatly reduce the development time and effort. The discussion will center around past research of the speaker on control of systems with constraints. Some examples of constraints in automotive powertrain systems will be given first. Then, reference governors and parameter governors will be discussed, which are schemes for modifying on-line the reference command or closed-loop system parameters, respectively, so that to assure constraint satisfaction. Recent application of a reference governor to control of automotive fuel cells system will be touched upon and feasibility of computational implementation in a chronometrics and memory limited microcontroller will be highlighted.

Type of Seminar:
IfA Seminar
Dr. Ilya (I.V.) Kolmanovsky
Ford Research and Adv. Engineering , Ford Motor Company
May 11, 2007   15:00

ETL K 25
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Dr. Sasa V. Rakovic
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Biographical Sketch:
Ilya Kolmanovsky received his M.S. degree and his Ph.D. degree in aerospace engineering, in 1993 and 1995, respectively, and the M.A. degree in mathematics, in 1995, all from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. He is presently a Technical Leader in Powertrain Control at Ford Research and Advanced Engineering. Dr. Kolmanovsky has over 10 years of experience at Ford Motor Company, where he has developed and led the development of control systems for advanced diesel, gasoline direct injection and variable valve timing engines to improve energy efficiency and reduce emissions. He has participated in and established many industry-academia collaborations around the World to facilitate synergistic advances in control theory and automotive control applications. Dr. Kolmanovsky is named as an inventor on more than 60 United States Patents, and has interests and publications on a broad range of topics in control theory and automotive control applications. Dr. Kolmanovsky has served as a Chair of IEEE Technical Committee on Automotive Control and as an Associate Editor for major journals in control theory and control applications. In 2002, Dr. Kolmanovsky was awarded Donald P. Eckman Award of American Automatic Control Council for "contributions to nonlinear control and for pioneering work in automotive engine control of powertrain systems."