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P&S: Control and Estimation for N-rotor Vehicles

J. Lygeros
P. Beuchat
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Spring 2018
Implement PID and LQR techniques taught in Control Systems I for achieving stable hover of a quad-rotor vehicle.
D-ITET Bachelor - 6th Semester
Control Systems (Regelsysteme I)
Quad-rotors are becoming more and more commonplace as technological advancements increase capabilities and reduce costs. Quad-rotor vehicles are encountered both for domestic entertainment and industrial applications, some examples are: toys for people of all ages, professional cinematography, or, inspection of industrial scale structures and processes. One reason why quad-rotors have become so pervasive is their mechanical simplicity, which lends itself to the high operational reliability. Moreover, the control and estimation techniques required to stabilise a quad-rotor around hover require only the control theory taught to under-graduates, while acrobatic feats and fleet manoeuvres inspire many directions in current research.

In this course we will cover the modelling of a general N-rotor vehicle, design of a PID and LQR controller, simulation development needed for pre-flight validation, and real-world implementation of the designed controller on our fleet of nano-quad-rotor vehicles.

Can be obtained from the website of the course.