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2018-09-10 Save the date: Vistas in Control - ETH Control Workshop
2018-08-27 Florian Dörfler plenary speaker at IFAC Workshop on Distributed Estimation and Control in Networked Systems (NECSYS 2018)
2018-07-09 Roy Smith plenary speaker at 18th IFAC Symposium on System Identification (SYSID 2018)
2018-05-05 SOLA 2018: IfA team „Out of Control“finished 117.
2018-01-26 Joe Warrington named 2017 Outstanding Reviewer for IEEE Control Systems Letters
2017-11-08 Embotech raises CHF 1M
2017-07-27 ETH Automation & Control ranks #7 worldwide
2017-07-14 Tony Wood, Eva Ahbe, Henrik Hesse, and Roy Smith selected as finalists for the best application paper at IFAC World Congress 2017
2017-06-22 Adrian Hauswirth has received Best Paper Award
2017-06-08 Yannick Meier has received ETH medal and Willy Studer Prize
2017-05-07 NomadZ finish third in the RoboCup German Open 2017 Challenge Shield
2017-05-06 SOLA 2017: IfA team „Out of Control“ made it to top 100
2017-04-21 IfA team achieves 3rd place in Microsoft Indoor Localisation Competition
2017-04-06 Sebastian Curi has received the ETH medal
2017-02-01 Max Polzin wins SGA-Förderpreis
2016-12-23 Bart Van Parys has been nominated with the ETH medal
2016-12-13 George S. Axelby Outstanding Paper Award received by Peyman Mohajerin Esfahani, Tobias Sutter and John Lygeros
2016-11-19 Theodor Borsche receives the 2016 ABB-Forschungspreis
2016-11-19 John Lygeros receives the Credit Suisse Award for Best Teaching 2016
2016-11-14 Manfred Morari moving to University of Pennsylvania January 4, 2017
2016-07-18 SeerVision will compete in the final stage of VentureKick in Q1 2017
2016-07-08 Yvonne Stürz's 2016 ACC poster wins a prize
2016-06-23 Peyman Mohajerin Esfahani has been selected as one of the three finalists for the ICCOPT 2016 Best Paper
2016-05-31 Morari Fest: Video recordings available now
2016-05-23 SOLA Stafette 2016
2016-05-19 Morari Fest, 19 - 20 May 2016
2016-04-28 IfA Project HeatReserves: Put Your Building to Work!
2016-04-26 Florian Dörfler has received the 2016 IEEE Circuits and Systems Guillemin-Cauer Best Paper Award
2016-03-11 Maryam Kamgarpour named Assistant Professor of Control Systems by the ETH Rat
2016-01-28 ACC Best Student Paper
2015-12-14 Maryam Kamgarpour has been awarded an ERC Starting Grant
2015-12-10 IfA Spin-off embotech receives UBS Accelerator Award
2015-11-21 Joseph Warrington receives the ABB-Forschungspreis 2015 for his PhD thesis
2015-11-11 Witold Pawlus receives the Best Presentation Award at IECON 2015
2015-11-06 IfA PhD graduates Jakob Ruess and Christoph Zechner receive the ETH Medal
2015-10-21 Manfred Morari is elected International Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering (U.K.)
2015-09-07 IfA Autonomous Sailing Team: Winner of the WRSC 2015!
2015-07-15 Amin Rezaeizadeh is a finalist in the ECC-2015 Student Competition
2015-07-03 Tony Wood and Roy Smith win Best Presentation in Session Awards at 2015 ACC
2015-05-07 Manfred Morari is honored with the 2015 ASME Rufus Oldenburger Medal
2015-04-20 IfA Internal Reports 1977-1993 available
2015-01-23 Speedgoat User Story: Efficiently harnessing wind power high above the ground using autonomous kites
2015-01-13 Manfred Morari is honored with the publication of a special issue of Computers & Chemical Engineering
2015-01-08 Marcello Colombino named 2014 Outstanding Reviewer for the IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control
2015-01-08 Sergio Grammatico is named 2014 Outstanding Reviewer for the IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control
2014-11-14 John Lygeros receives 2014 Golden Owl Teaching Award
2014-11-07 Alexander Domahidi receives the ETH Medal Award for his Ph.D. thesis
2014-10-14 Bart Van Parys is selected to be a finalist in George Nicholson Award competition
2014-09-30 FiOrdOs 2.0 available with new primal-dual approach
2014-09-25 Manfred Morari is invited to present the Schaller Distinguished Lecture
2014-09-18 Tobias Nägeli receives the Best Paper Award
2014-09-08 ORCA in the media
2014-07-01 Prof. Florian Dörfler to join IfA
2014-05-15 Mathukumalli Vidyasagar is giving the Hurwitz Memorial Lecture Series, 15 - 16 May 2014
2014-04-03 Z-Knipsers participating at RoboCup German Open
2014-03-14 Spark Award 2014: Real-time path generation among the 20 most promising inventions
2014-03-13 Start-up SAFEmine co-founded by former IfA PhD student Urban Mäder acquired by Hexagon
2014-01-10 IfA YouTube Channel is online
2014-01-09 ECC13 Impressions available on YouTube
2014-01-09 Sergio Grammatico is named 2013 Outstanding Reviewer for the IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control
2013-11-07 Kostas Margellos receives the ETH medal for his Ph.D. thesis
2013-08-29 Stefan Richter receives the ABB-Forschungspreis 2013 for his PhD thesis
2013-08-29 Stefan Richter receives the ETH medal 2013 for his PhD thesis
2013-08-26 John Lygeros co-chairs the Hybrid Systems Computation and Control Conference 2014
2013-08-12 Giampaolo Torrisi wins the Imagination at Work prize
2013-08-06 Alberto Bemporad and Manfred Morari win the 2014 IFAC High Impact Paper Award
2013-07-17 ETH hosts the 2013 European Control Conference (ECC2013)
2013-07-16 IfA co-organizes workshop on Verification and Control of Stochastic Hybrid Systems
2013-06-17 IfA hosts the Mini-Symposium on Complex Systems Control
2013-04-11 Tomas Tuma wins the IFAC Mechatronics 2013 Student Best Paper Award
2013-01-29 Jakob Ruess and Christoph Zechner receive the SIB best graduate paper award 2012
2012-11-28 IFA OPEN HOUSE
2012-10-22 Manfred Morari is invited to present the First Annual Shinnar Lecture at the City College of New York
2012-10-22 John Lygeros receives the Golden Owl 2012 teaching award
2012-10-18 Manfred Morari is selected to present the distinguished Nyquist Lecture
2012-10-17 Giampaolo Torrisi won the second prize of the "Think Green, be Efficient" award for his master's thesis
2012-10-04 Manfred Morari is invited to present the Gaden Lecture at Columbia University, New York
2012-09-24 Adaptive process control course offered by Prof. Erik Ydstie from the Department of Chemical Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University
2012-08-15 Roy Smith interviewed in the August 2012 Control Systems Magazine
2012-06-01 Work on making paralysed rats regain voluntary control of locomotion published in Science.
2011-11-22 IFA OPEN HOUSE
2011-11-08 'Cyborg' yeast in the media
2011-10-18 Manfred Morari is elected fellow of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE)
2011-10-17 Videos now available - Two sessions at the AIChE Annual Meeting in honor of Manfred Morari's numerous contributions to system dynamics and control
2011-09-05 Lecture Series on Directions in Systems and Control
2011-09-02 [RoboCup] New student projects available
2011-07-23 John Lygeros co-organizes Stochastic Systems Biology workshop
2011-06-30 Manfred Morari receives the 2011 Richard E. Bellman Control Heritage Award
2011-06-22 Alexander Fuchs received the Second Best Student Paper Award at IEEE Powertech 2011
2011-06-06 Heinz Koeppl co-organizes WCSB 2011 in Zurich
2011-05-24 CLONS Project featured in Le TEMPS
2011-01-01 Roy Smith elected Fellow of the IEEE
2011-01-01 John Lygeros elected Fellow of the IEEE
2010-12-17 Manfred Morari is selected to receive the Hendrik W. Bode Lecture Prize 2010
2010-11-23 IfA Open House
2010-09-01 Heinz Koeppl joins the Automatic Control Laboratory as SNF Assistant Professor of Computational Systems Biology
2010-07-02 Frauke Oldewurtel has been awarded the Best Presentation in Session at the 2010 American Control Conference
2010-05-26 Video of 2010 Hurwitz Lectures with Prof. Tannenbaum now online
2010-04-14 Masters, PhD and postdoctoral researcher positions in systems biology
2009-12-15 Melanie Zeilinger wins the "General chairs' recognition award for interactive papers" at CDC'09
2009-12-10 John Lygeros Appointed Full Professor by ETH Board
2009-11-23 John Lygeros receives the Golden Owl award 2009
2009-11-09 IfA OPEN HOUSE COMING UP 27.11. 2009
2009-10-15 16,000 downloads of the Multi-Parametric Toolbox (MPT)
2009-09-23 FeedNetback Workshop 2009, Venice, Italy
2009-09-18 Melanie Zeilinger wins the 3rd prize of the BFG'09 Best Talk Award
2009-09-03 Silvestro Micera receives the 2009 EMBS Early Career Achievement Award
2009-06-01 15000 downloads of the Multi-Parametric Toolbox (MPT)
2009-06-01 15000 downloads of the Multi-Parametric Toolbox (MPT)
2009-01-30 14000 downloads of the Multi-Parametric Toolbox (MPT)
2008-12-08 John Lygeros is coorganiser of the 47th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control pre-conference workshop
2008-12-05 IfA Open House
2008-09-10 Manfred Morari gives a key lecture at the Climate Change Challenge conference, 8-10 September 2008, Auditorium maximum, ETH main building
2008-09-06 13000 downloads of the Multi-Parametric Toolbox (MPT)
2008-08-03 Information on MAVT Master's Program now available!
2008-05-23 12000 downloads of the Multi-Parametric Toolbox (MPT)
2008-04-25 Presentation on Automatic Control Lab by Prof. Morari for Master Students
2008-04-03 Manfred Morari is elected IFAC Fellow
2008-01-21 11000 downloads of the Multi-Parametric Toolbox (MPT)
2007-12-18 IFA OPEN HOUSE
2007-09-13 10000 downloads of the Multi-Parametric Toolbox (MPT)
2007-07-12 Manfred Morari receives the 2007 John Ragazzini Award
2007-06-26 9000 downloads of the Multi-Parametric Toolbox (MPT)
2007-06-26 Sasa V. Rakovic is selected outstanding reviewer 2006 for Automatica
2007-03-05 8000 downloads of the Multi-Parametric Toolbox (MPT)
2006-12-21 IfA Christmas Card
2006-12-11 MPT 2.6.2 released
2006-11-28 7000 downloads of the Multi-Parametric Toolbox (MPT)
2006-11-18 Cristian Grossmann wins the Willi-Studer-Preis 2006
2006-10-18 Joachim von Zitzewitz wins Award for Diploma Thesis
2006-09-14 Antonello Caruso wins the SSBE Student Award 2006 and the ISIB-CNR Award 2006
2006-09-09 Tobias Nef wins the BMT Student Award 2006
2006-08-17 6000 downloads of the Multi-Parametric Toolbox (MPT)
2006-06-01 Prof. John Lygeros will join our institute starting July 1, 2006
2006-04-13 REG group wins two presentation awards.
2006-04-08 5000 downloads of the Multi-Parametric Toolbox (MPT)
2006-03-30 Pictures from the IfA skiweekend 2006 /Davos
2006-02-27 Gültekin Erdem wins the Georg A. Fischer Prize 2006 for his outstanding Ph.D. thesis
2006-01-26 Manfred Morari receives the 8th Nordic Process Control Award
2006-01-16 ARMin project wins the Swiss Technology Award
2005-12-21 IfA Christmas Card
2005-12-14 Manfred Morari wins IEEE Control Systems Award
2005-11-23 The Multi-Parametric Toolbox (MPT) with 4000 downloads
2005-09-17 Thomas Villgrattner wins the 2nd prize of the DGBMT Student Award
2005-08-15 Manfred Morari is included in the list of 250 most highly cited engineering researchers by
2005-08-12 Pictures from IfA Hike Day 2005
2005-07-25 MPT 2.0.2 released
2005-07-14 Multi-Parametric Toolbox with 3000 downloads
2005-05-28 The ARMin project was awarded the innovation prize of the Swiss Engineering Society (STV)
2005-04-10 AMCA 2005: Advanced Modeling and Control in Anesthesia
2005-03-29 B&W photo exhibition
2005-03-12 CC Review Workshop
2005-03-09 Workshop on Hybrid Systems: Computation and Control (HSCC 2005) at the ETH in Zurich
2005-03-02 MPT reached the 2000 downloads milestone
2005-02-22 Saso Jezernik is announced first-place laureate of the Altran Awards 2004
2005-02-17 Michael Bernhardt receives the Werner von Siemens Excellence Award 2005
2005-01-20 First meeting of the partners of the workpackage 4a (energy management) of the HYCON network of excellence
2005-01-01 Robert Riener becomes speaker of the AUTOMED society
2005-01-01 Manfred Morari is elected to IEEE Fellow, the highest grade of membership in the IEEE
2004-12-20 IfA Christmas Card
2004-09-01 Gabriela Glanzmann and Martin von Siebenthal win the ETH medal
2004-09-01 Gabriela Glanzmann and Martin von Siebenthal win the second prize in the Automatisierungs-Foerderpreis 2004 competition
2004-05-26 Francesco Borrelli received the Innovationspreis ITG for his dissertation at the Generalversammlung of the Electrosuisse in Baden
2004-03-23 Manfred Morari speaks in Distinguished Lecture Series at the University of Utah
2003-12-19 IfA Christmas Card
2003-12-11 Pascal Grieder selected finalist for the 2003 CDC Best Student-Paper Award
2003-11-24 Multi Parametric Toolbox available for download
2003-11-20 Best Ph.D. Thesis Award
2003-10-15 Matlab interface for CDD now available for Windows Linux and Solaris
2003-10-10 Doctor Honoris Causa from Babes-Bolyai University
2003-10-06 Tucker Prize of the Mathematical Programming Society
2003-08-21 Lax conjecture solved
2003-08-05 Akira Kojima win the Paper Prize from the SICE
2003-04-07 The Challenge of Complexity: Robustness Analysis with Applications to Biological and Physical Systems
2003-03-31 Short Course on Model Predictive Control
2002-12-20 IFA Xmas Card
2002-11-25 Francesco Borrelli wins the ETH Medal for his dissertation
2002-11-14 Manfred Morari is invited to be the distinguished speaker for The Ninth Professor Roger W.H. Sargent Lecture
2002-10-03 Manfred Morari wins the 2002 CAST Division Award
2002-08-29 HYSDEL v.2.0.0 now available
2002-05-16 Pascal Grieder was awarded the ETH medal
2002-05-09 2002 IEE Tustin Lecture by Professor Manfred Morari
2002-03-21 Presentation of 2 diploma theses
2002-03-14 Presentation of 3 diploma theses
2002-02-14 Presentation of 1 semester project
2002-02-07 Presentation of 3 semester projects
2002-01-31 Presentation of 2 semester projects
2001-10-31 MATLAB-Kurs
2001-10-05 ASEA-Brown-Boveri-Forschungspreis
2001-07-05 Presentation of 4 Semester Projects
2001-04-03 SPECIAL COURSE SS 2001: Neural Networks
by Prof. Dr. D. Graupe
2001-02-01 Presentation of 4 Semesterworks
2001-01-01 panmip.m V.1.13 now available
2000-10-06 Version 1.02 of miqp.m is now available
2000-06-28 News section in the Hybrid home page
2000-06-20 Kothare wins Ted Peterson Student paper award
2000-05-01 Richard D. Braatz wins 2000 Donald P. Eckman Award of American Automatic Control Council
1999-11-01 Ron Pearson's book on 'Discrete-Time Dynamic Models' appeared