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Optimality of Batch Distillation Configurations


G.A Meski, M. Han, N. Bekiaris, M. Morari

vol. AUT98-05

The paper examines a batch distillation column consisting of two separation sections with a vessel in between. The behavior of the column is analyzed with the infinite separation and minimum reflux models. For the minimum reflux model, the optimal control problem is solved when both products are pure throughout the separation process. Under quite general assumptions it is proven that the minimum reflux/reboil ratio policy is time/energy optimal for the separation of an ideal mixtures or any binary mixture, and that the optimal operation is at the steady state for a binary separation when there is no tangent pinch. Based on the optimal operation policy and the minimum reflux model, various batch configurations are compared in terms of minimizing the separation time. Guidelines are provided which configuration is best for a given mixture.

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(04)Technical Report

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