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Robust End-Point Optimizing Feedback for Nonlinear Dynamic Processes


P. Terwiesch, A. Astolfi

vol. AUT95-08

This paper suggests two novel approaches to the synthesis of robust end-point optimizing feedback for nonlinear dynamic processes. Classically, end-point optimization is performed only for the nominal process model using optimal control methods, and the question of performance robustness to disturbances and model-plant mismatch remains unaddressed. The present contribution addresses the end-point optimization problem for nonlinear affine systems with fixed final time through robust optimal feedback methods. In the first approach, a nonlinear state feedback is derived that robustly optimizes the final process state. This solution is obtained through series expansion of the Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman PDE with an active opponent disturbance. As reliable measurements or estimates of all states may not always be available, the second approach also robustly optimizes the process end-point, but uses output rather than state information. This direct use of measurement information is preferred since the choice of a state estimator for robust state feedback is non-trivial even when the observability issue is addressed. A linear time-variant output corrector is obtained by feedback parametrization and numerical optimization of a nonlinear H-inf cost functional. A number of possible variations and alternatives to both approaches are also discussed. As model-plant mismatch is particularly common with chemical batch processes, the suitability of the robust optimizing feedback is demonstrated on a semi-batch reactor simulation example, where robustness to several realistic mismatches is investigated and the results are compared against those for the optimal open-loop policy and the optimal feedback designed for the nominal model.


Type of Publication:

(04)Technical Report

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