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Multiplier Theory for Stability Analysis of Anti-Windup Control Systems


M. Kothare, M. Morari

vol. AUT96-08

We apply the passivity theorem with appropriate choice of multipliers to develop sufficient conditions for stability of the general anti-windup bumpless transfer (AWBT) framework presented in Kothare et al. (1994). For appropriate choices of the multipliers, we show that these tests can be performed using convex optimization over linear matrix inequalities (LMIs). We show that a number of previously reported attempts to analyze stability of AWBT control systems, using such well-known and seemingly diverse techniques as the Popov, Circle and Off-Axis Circle criteria, the optimally scaled small-gain theorem (generalized $mu$ upper bound) and describing functions, are all special cases of the general conditions developed in this paper. The sufficient conditions are complemented by necessary conditions for internal stability of the AWBT compensated system. Using an example, we show how these tests can be used to analyze the stability properties of a typical anti-windup control scheme.


Type of Publication:

(04)Technical Report

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