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Efficient Computation of Feedback Controllers for Constrained Systems


P. Grieder


Various schemes to speed up the explicit controller computations are introduced in this thesis. A combination of dynamic programming, infinite-time optimal control and e±cient polytope reduction techniques yields controller computation algorithms which are significantly faster than prior schemes. Novel methods to analyze PWA systems with a focus on stability and set invariance are presented. Special attention is placed on PWA systems which are subject to bounded additive disturbances. These analysis schemes are subsequently used in various complexity reduction schemes. The proposed methods yield controllers of very low complexity by imposing ‘simple’ control objectives. In addition, various post-processing schemes are introduced to simplify the feedback controllers a posteriori. The proposed schemes reduce the necessary storage space and are able to significantly reduce the time which is required to perform the set membership test online. Finally the MPT toolbox is presented. The MPT toolbox for Matlab contains all of the algorithms presented in this thesis as well as a wide range of additional algorithms and tools developed by the academic community.


Type of Publication:

(03)Ph.D. Thesis

M. Morari

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