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Structural Vibration Control via R-L Shunted Active Fiber Composites


A. Belloli, D. Niederberger, Stan Pietrzko, M. Morari, P. Ermanni

ICAST, International Conference on Adaptive Structures and Technologies, Bar Harbor, Maine at the Atlantic Oakes, USA

This paper presents the first successful extension of passive R−L shunt damping to piezoelectric ceramic elements working in direct 3-3 mode. A new circuit topology was implemented to synthesize the very large inductors required by the low inherent piezoelectric device capacitance. This allows for efficient tuning of the R − L circuit to the structure resonance frequency to be damped. The vibration suppression performance of monolithic piezoelectric ceramic actuators and Active Fiber Composites was compared. For this purpose, the different actuators were bonded on aluminum cantilever plates. An integrated FE model was implemented for prediction of the structure resonance frequencies, the optimum values for the electric components and the resulting vibration suppression performance. Passive structure, bonded active patch and shunted electrical network were analyzed within the same FE model. Active Fiber Composite patches working in the direct 3-3 mode show equivalent specific damping performance compared to traditional 3-1 actuated patches. Issues related to the sensitivity of R − L shunts to variations in environmental and operation conditions are discussed.


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