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An Aspect Weaver for Qualifiable Applications


O. Rohlik, A. Pasetti, P. Chevalley, I. Birrer

Data System in Aerospace (DASIA) Conference, Nice

Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP) is the name of a technique to automatically transform some existing base code to endow it with new properties. An aspect language allows the desired transformation to be expressed in a formal way and an aspect weaver reads the specification of the transformation expressed in the aspect language and applies it to the base code. AOP techniques allow systematic changes – e.g. insertion of synchronization code, of observability code, of instrumentation code – to be applied automatically to a large base code. The first part of this paper presents the AOP paradigm. The second part presents the XWeaver aspect weaver that is being developed at ETH-Zürich with the cooperation of ESA-ESTEC. The XWeaver differs from other aspect weavers in being extensible and minimally intrusive. It is extensible in the sense that the aspect weaving process is controlled by a set of rules that are independent of each other and are each implemented in a dedicated module. The weaver can be extended by adding new modules that cover new rules to handle additional types of aspects. XWeaver is minimally intrusive in the sense that it gives a high degree of control over the structure of the modified code and it generates code that differs as little as possible from the base code. For these reasons, XWeaver is especially suitable for applications that must undergo a qualification process such as mission-critical applications. The target language of XWeaver is C++.


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