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Adaptability Techniques for Control System Software


W. Schaufelberger, V. Cechticky, A. Pasetti, O. Rohlik

IFAC World Congress, IFAC 2005, Invited Session

Modern control system software is increasingly built from reusable software assets organized as product families serving the needs of a particular domain of related applications. Individual applications are constructed by selecting assets from the family and configuring them to match the specific requirements of the target application. This approach fosters reuse and thus helps reduce software-related costs, which account for a growing share of total development costs of control systems. It also helps manage the evolution in user requirements during the application lifetime that is typical of industrial control systems. A family approach puts adaptability aspects at the center of the design and development process. The term adaptability is used to cover the set of techniques that allow a software artefact to be changed, customized, and configured to match different sets of requirements corresponding to different applications within a certain domain. Several adaptability techniques have been investigated in the past decade and are gradually finding their way into industrial applications in the control domain. Component-based technology allows complex software systems to be structured as sets of cooperating and independent blocks that can be configured and composed lego- like. Object-oriented software frameworks define adaptable architectures optimized for a certain target domain and allow architectural level reuse. Feature modelling techniques allow the adaptability within a product family to be captured and formally described. Generative programming techniques allow an implementation to be automatically generated from its specification expressed in a high- level and domain-specific language. The aim of this invited session is to present the current status of the research and of the industrial application of software technologies that promote or exploit software adaptability for control applications. The session will in particular bring together leading researchers and practitioners to discuss the following topics from a control system perspective: Component-Based Systems Object-Oriented Software Frameworks Feature Modeling Generative Programming / Code Generators Domain-Specific Languages Best Practices


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