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Robot-aided neurorehabilitation: effect on motor impairment and recovery in chronic stroke


T. Nef, R. Riener

International Symposium on Severe Acquired Brain Lesions, Cassino, Italy

Task-oriented repetitive movements can improve muscular strength and movement coordination in patients with impairments due to neurological or orthopaedic problems. Arm therapy is used for patients with paretic or paralysed upper extremities after spinal cord injury (SCI) or stroke. Such therapy can enhance motor function recovery and can improve movement coordination. Movement therapy serves also to prevent secondary complications such as muscle atrophy, osteoporosis, joint degeneration and spasticity. It was observed that longer training sessions per week and longer total training periods have a positive effect on the motor function. The finding that the rehabilitation progress depends on the training duration motivates the application of robot-aided arm therapy. With robot-aided arm training the duration and number of training sessions can be increased, without increasing the number of therapists required per patient. Furthermore, a robot can provide quantitative measures, thus, supporting the observation and evaluation of the rehabilitation progress. ARMin is a new robot for arm therapy with an exoskeletal structure allowing three dimensional arm movements. This talk focuses on the results of three single case studies with chronic stroke patients (14-40 months post stroke). After five week baseline measurement, the patients received intensive robotic arm therapy during eight weeks. All patients showed improvement in motor function regarding maximal voluntary force, active and passive range of motion and Fugl-Meyer score.


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