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Identification and control of hand grasp using multi-channel transcutaneous electrical stimulation


T. Keller, Benjamin Hackl, M. Lawrence, A. Kuhn

International Functional Electrical Stimulation Society Conference, Zao, Japan, vol. 11, pp. 29-31

Multi-channel transcutaneous electrical stimulation (TES) can be used for more selective activations of multi degree joints or multiple joints. Another advantage of the multi-channel approach is the possibility to control the current distribution in a more sophisticated way than it is possible with standard self-adhesive TES electrodes. For this paper we used our new TES technol¬ogy consisting of a four channel Compex Motion electrical stimulator, a multiplexer, and a 10 by 6 array shaped multi-channel stimulation electrode. It allowed us to perform real-time spatial and temporal variations of the electrical current density on the skin surface and in deeper tissue layers. We developed a method to automatically detect muscle activation regions in the forearm for selective single finger movements. The detection was performed under isometric condition and was able to find activation regions for selective stimulation of extrinsic finger flexors. In addition, we implemented a recursive parameter identification algorithm that estimated the system parameters for controlled hand grasp. This algorithm was able to detect the system parameters and to adapt to muscle fatigue. It could be used in a practical application to control object grasp when a practical solution for measuring finger forces becomes available.

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