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Path control: a new approach in patient-cooperative gait training with the rehabilitation robot Lokomat


J. v. Zitzewitz, A. Duschau-Wicke, M. Wellner, L. Lünenburger, R. Riener

Gemeinsame Jahrestagung der Deutschen, Österreichischen und Schweizerischen Gesellschaft für Biomedizinische Technik, Zürich

The rehabilitation robot LOKOMAT has been devel oped at the Balgrist University Hospital, Zurich. It allows automated treadmill training for patients with gait impairment. The robot moves the pa tient’s hip and knee joints along predefined refer ence trajectories; therefore, the timing of the walk ing movement is always induced by the robot. In the new approach presented here, not the robot, but the patient is controlling the timing. He can move freely along a path corresponding to a physiological walking pattern, and is corrected by a surrounding force field when he deviates from the path. An additional supportive force can assist the patient’s efforts as much as needed. Thus, the strategy can be adapted to the individual patient’s capabilities.


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