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Zeno hybrid systems


K. H. Johansson, S. Sastry, J. Zhang, J. Lygeros

International Journal of Robust & Nonlinear Control, vol. 11, pp. 435-451

The interacting continuous and discrete dynamics in hybrid systems may lead to Zeno executions, which are solutions of the system having in"nitely many discrete transitions in "nite time. Although physical systems do not show Zeno behaviour, models of real systems may be Zeno due to modelling abstraction. It is hard to analyse such models with the existing theory. Since abstraction is an important tool in the hierarchical design of hybrid systems, one would like to determine when it may lead to Zeno models. Zeno hybrid systems are studied in detail in the paper. Necessary and su$cient conditions for the existence of Zeno executions are given. The Zeno set is introduced as the  limit set of a Zeno execution. Properties of the Zeno set are derived for a fairly large class of hybrid systems. Copyright 2001  John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. KEY WORDS: hybrid automata; zeno execution; zeno sets


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