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Automatic Control of Simulated Moving Beds-II: Nonlinear Isotherm


G. Erdem, S. Abel, M. Morari, M. Mazzotti, M. Morbidelli

vol. AUT03-15

The Simulated Moving Bed (SMB) is a continuous multi-column chromatographic process. It has become a state of the art separation technology for pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals and bio-separations, where complex separation tasks are faced on a daily basis. In many cases SMB technology is preferred over batch chromatography for its lower solvent consumption and higher productivity. However, the closer the operating conditions of the SMB are to their optimum in terms of productivity and solvent consumption, the less robust is the operation due to the high sensitivity of the process to disturbances and uncertainties in the system. Therefore, SMB practitioners face the challenge of the robust operation of the SMB units at their optimal operating conditions and it is common practice for them to make a compromise between sufficient robustness and high productivity. To avoid this trade-off as well as to improve and speed up the development of an SMB separation, this work proposes an on-line optimization based automatic control concept to optimize the economics and adapt the operation of the SMB unit such that the unit achieves the best possible separation despite disturbances and uncertainties in the system characterization. The controller makes use of an explicit model of the process and requires only minimal information, i.e. Henry constants and the average porosity of the columns constituting the unit. This paper illustrates how the controller that is based only on linear adsorption isotherm parameters can find the correct operating conditions for the SMB applied to a system characterized by a nonlinear competitive isotherm in order to first fulfill the required product specifications and then to optimize the economics of the operation. The performance of the controller is assessed for several scenarios addressing the main challenges in SMB operation.


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(04)Technical Report

M. Morari

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