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Modellbasierte Prozeßführung einer 2-Bett-Druckwechsel-Adsorptionsanlage


F.J. Christophersen

University of Stuttgart, Institute of System Dynamics and Control Engineering (ISR)

The pressure-swing-adsorption is a standard method for the separation of gas mixtures. The plants for this purpose consist in general of several fixed-bed adsorbers and are operated as multi-step-processes. A characteristic for the dynamics of such plants is the occurance of nonlinear wave propagation phenomena. Corresponding to the coupling of the fixed-bed adsorbers, these waves travel forwards and backwards within the fixed-beds and may also break though from one bed into the next. Therefore the purity of the product is mainly influenced by the switching-times of the valves. These switching-times have to be interpreted as the manipulating variables in the control loop. The study focuses on an isothermal 2-bed-pressure-swing adsorption-plant for extracting oxygen out of air. In order to guarantee a desired purity of oxygen in the product, a control-loop-structure is designed which influences the swiching-time of the cycle-steps via the process-controller. For this purpose, several reductions of the model are studied in order to simplify the dynamics of the nonlinear model with spatially distributed parameters. In order to receive an optimal approximation of the complete model, specific parameters have to be determined from the complete model and prepared for the simplified model. A process-control concept with a feedforward-controller and a superimposed PID-feedback-controller is developed for the simplified model which is used for the complete model. Simulation studies of disturbances as well as step changes of the desired purity are illustrating the effectiveness of the controller.


Type of Publication:

(13)Semester/Bachelor Thesis

M. Zeitz

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