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H infinity Discrete Time Control for the Buck dc-dc Converter


G. Papafotiou, N. Margaris

IEEE IECON, Industrial Electronics Conf., Seville, Spain

In this paper, a discrete time approach for the control of the buck dc-dc converter is presented. This approach is based on the use of two sample and hold circuits and of an analog circuit error amplifier and is named Dual Sampling Control. The sample and hold circuits assure that the both the output and the error voltage maintain steady values at the beginning of each switching period, providing a sufficient condition for restraining the appearance of subharmonic oscillations. The sample and hold procedure provides us with a discrete time equivalent circuit for the converter. The error amplifier is designed by application of the H norm to the system's complementary sensitivity function. The results of the calculations on the discrete time analog are compared to the behavior of the complete converter model through SIMULINK and presented here. The calculations are fully verified by the behavior of the complete converter model.


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