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A Mathematical Framework for Subliminal Air Traffic Control


E.Cruck, J. Lygeros

AIAA Guidance, Navigation and Control Conference and Exhibit, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

In enroute sectors, a large part of the workload of air traffic controllers consists in anticipating aircraft trajectories in order to determine whether a loss of separation is likely to occur. We consider an automation problem which aims at alleviating this workload by emulating a ``lucky traffic''. Through a dedicated datalink, the system has to command small speed variations so that situations which could lead to a loss of separation between aircraft turn out to be safe at an early stage; the speed variations have to be small enough in order not to be noticed by the air traffic controller who works with a fuzzy knowledge of speeds. We formulate this control problem as a hybrid dynamical game in which the control has to minimize a cost representing the air traffic controller stress index. Uncertainty on the aircraft dynamics is seen as the opponent of control trying to increase the stress. We rewrite this game as a robust reachability problem for an auxiliary hybrid system, and we provide some numerical results.


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