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Modeling 3 drugs interactions - Epidural Drugs


Philipp Schindler

Diploma/Master Thesis, SS 05

Drugs are routinely combined in anesthesia and pain management to enhance the desired effects. However, appearing side effects limit the therapeutic use. Finding the optimal combinations to be administered in clinical practice is a difficult task. In previous works, a direct search method was used to identify the combinations producing maximal pain relief and minimal side effects. Since the method cannot guarantee the uniqueness of the optimum, a novel model has been developed to investigate the questions of the presence of multiple maxima in the dose effect relationship for combinations of drugs and of how to identify the optimal drug combinations for the administration of three drugs. The model is consistent with clinical data and improves our understanding of drugs combination's properties used in clinical practice and suggests do reject the direct search approach previously proposed as a general tool to identify optimal drug combinations, since the presence of more than one maximum cannot be excluded a priori for the combination of three drugs.

Supervisors: V. Sartori, E. Zanderigo, Prof. M. Morari


Type of Publication:

(12)Diploma/Master Thesis

M. Morari

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