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Application of Model Predictive Control to a Cascade of River Power Plants


Ph. Rostalski

Presented at the Alumni Workshops 2007, Institute of Control Systems, TU Hamburg-Harburg

For environmental and navigational reasons, the water levels in a river must be kept within given bounds. Additional to upstream inflow variations, the water level is affected by the operation of locks. Hydro-electric power plants located in the curse of the river allow to influence the water level by manipulating the flow through the turbines. However, in order to decelerate turbine wear out, the blades of the turbines should not be operated to frequently. A Model Predictive Controller is designed which explicitly takes into account the bounds, e.g. on levels, discharges and discharge variations. The problem can be reformulated into a Mixed Integer Quadratic Programming (MIQP) problem [2,3] which in turn is solved in a receding horizon fashion. (This is a joined work with Adrienne Heinrich, Cornelia Setz and George Papafotiou)


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