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Experimental implementation of automatic ‘cycle to cycle’ control of a chiral simulated moving bed separation


M. Amanullah, C. Grossmann, M. Mazzotti, M. Morari, M. Morbidelli

Journal of Chromatography A, vol. 1165, no. 1-2, pp. 100-108

In the absence of a suitable controller, currently simulated moving beds (SMBs) are operated suboptimally to cope with system uncertainties and to guarantee robustness of operation. Recently, we have developed a ‘cycle to cycle’ optimizing controller that not only makes use of minimal system information, i.e. only the Henry constants and average bed voidage, but also optimizes the process performance and taps the full economic potential of the SMB technology. The experimental implementation of the ‘cycle to cycle’ optimizing controller had been carried out for achiral separation. For chiral separation however, application of any online controller has not been possible because an appropriate online monitoring system has not been avaiable. This work reports and discusses the first experimental implementation of the ‘cycle to cycle’ optimizing control for chiral separations. A mixture of guaifenesin enantiomers is separated on Chiralcel OD columns with ethanol as mobile phase in a eight-column four sections laboratory SMB unit. The results show that the controller, although using minimal information about the retention of the two enantiomers, is able to meet product and process specifications, can optimize the process performance, and is capable of rejecting disturbances that may occur during the operation of the SMB plant.


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M. Morari

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