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Virtual Experiment for Stabilization of Airplanes


Jonas Mühlethaler

Semester/Bachelor Thesis, SS 07

This semester thesis presents the implementation of an interface software between Simulink and the flight simulator X-Plane. Unstable airplanes require Man-in-the-loop stabilization systems for the pilot to stay airborne. They exhibit strong nonlinear dynamics when e.g. the actuator or its changing rate saturates. It is then very difficult to predict the behaviour of airplanes and in particular the behaviour of pilots in such situations. Control systems may then exhibit ’abnormal’, non-minimum phase behaviour leading to the pilot reaching wrong, such that so called pilotinduced oscillation can occur [1]. Because mathematical analysis (e.g. with Simulink) ignores pilot dynamics, flight simulators are needed, where the human manually controls the airplane. Only with a flight simulator such effects as described above can be simulated. The first part of this report shows how an interface between Simulink and the flight simulator X-Plane is implemented and how the associated X-Plane plugin can easily be adapted to different problems. The second part shows an example, in which the unstable fighter aircraft Northrop B-2 Spirit is stabilized.

Supervisors: U. Maeder, Prof. M. Morari


Type of Publication:

(13)Semester/Bachelor Thesis

M. Morari

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