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Textile Neuroprosthesis Garment for Functional Electrical Stimulation


T. Keller, M. Lawrence, A. Kuhn

International Workshop on Functional Electrical Stimulation, Krems, Austria, no. 9, pp. 107-110

We have developed a new embroidered multichannel transcutaneous electrical stimulation (TES) electrode garment for neuroprosthetic applications. The multi-layered construction includes a fabric electrode layer and a skin interfacing layer. The fabric electrode layer contains embroidered electrode pads and electrode wiring. It was designed such that short circuits between the embroidered wiring and the skin cannot occur. The multi-channel stimulation electrodes are integrated in a glove-like garment. Three sets of TES electrodes consisting of a total of 64 pads allow activation of the muscles for finger and wrist extension, finger and wrist flexion, and thumb articulation To allow stimulation currents to be equally distributed into the body, a skin contacting material is used; e.g. hydrogel or our new skin interface material. The skin interface material was designed to have a higher impedance than skin. This helps maintain a better current distribution despite skin inhomogeneities. Furthermore, the high impedance enables us to use a single interface layer across multiple electrode pads without disturbing the current distribution, whilst ensuring current flow through the skin rather than the interface layer. In functional tests we used the multi-channel electrode garment with our developed virtual electrode stimulation environment. Using the combined system we were able to demonstrate selective finger and wrist articulation. Future developments are aimed at developing a miniaturized multi-channel electrical stimulator for the control of the multi-channel electrode garment.

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