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Selective finger and wrist activation using multi-channel transcutaneous electrical stimulation electrodes


T. Keller, M. Lawrence, A. Kuhn

International Functional Electrical Stimulation Society Conference, Philadelphia, PA USA, vol. 12, pp. 5.2

Selective finger and wrist activation is an important feature a neuroprosthesis for hand grasp should have. Particularly after stroke selective and synergistic wrist and finger coordination is often impaired. As an aid in daily life transcutaneous neuroprostheses for hand grasp can provide better hand function or improve hand function when used as a training device. We have developed a new embroidered multi-channel transcutaneous electrical stimulation (TES) electrode garment, which includes embroidered electrode pads and wiring. Three sets of TES electrode areas consisting of a total of 64 pads allow activation of muscles for finger and wrist extension, finger and wrist flexion, and thumb articulation. In functional tests using an isometric setup we could demonstrate selective finger and wrist activation and also selective activation of single fingers in a healthy volunteer. Future tests that investigate whether these promising results can be replicated in SCI and stroke subject are planned. In addition, we will need a miniaturized and portable multi-channel electrical stimulator for the control of the multi-channel electrode garment.

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