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Active Vibration Suppression using switched PZTs


D. Niederberger, M. Baotic, M. Morari

vol. AUT03-06

This report presents a new control approach to design switching shunt controllers for passive vibration control, where the electronic shunt controller is connected to the terminals of a structurally attached piezoelectric transducer. These switching shunt circuits allow a small implementation and require only little power. However, the control laws to switch these shunts are derived heuristically and therefore it remains unclear, if it exists a better control law for a given shunt topology. We present a new control approach based on the Hybrid System Framework. This allows the modelling of the switched composite system as a hybrid system. Once the hybrid system description is obtained, a receding horizon optimal control problem can be solved in order to get the optimal switching sequence. As the computation time to solve this optimization problem is too long for real-time applications, we will show that the problem can be solved off-line and the solution stored in a look-up table. This allows a real-time implementation of the switch controller. Moreover, control rules can be derived from this look-up table, and we will demonstrate that in some situations the controller proposed in previous papers generate near optimal switching. Simulations show the improvement with the new controller. This is very promising, since this new control approach can be applied for more complex shunt circuits with many switches, where the derivation of a switching law would be very difficult.


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(04)Technical Report

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