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Simultaneous modeling of drug induced hypercarbia and hypoventilation in the nonsteady state


A. Caruso

ASA - American Society of Anesthesiologists Annual Meeting, Orlando, FL

An integrated description of drug induced respiratory depression with parameters identifiable from clinically available data is not available so far. Several studies describe the effect of respiratory depressant drugs on isolated endpoints (minute ventilation under isohypercapnic and pseudo steady state conditions, minute ventilation under isohypercapnic conditions, PCO2 (PCO2 refers to PaCO2 or PetCO2 values depending on the study) under pseudo and nonsteady state conditions). Concomitant modeling of minute ventilation and PCO2 changes under nonsteady state conditions has not been undertaken. We propose a model describing simultaneously measured minute ventilation and PaCO2 changes after bolus administration of a fast onset opioid (alfentanil, 1 mg) and describing changes of PaCO2 (simulation output) following changes of minute ventilation (simulation input) from a physiological model of human ventilation.


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M. Morari

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