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Design of the Power Train for an Autonomous Solar Vehicle


J. Cupic

Semester/Bachelor Thesis, SS 08

The Automatic Control Laboratory at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, initiated a project in which a reduced scale autonomous solar vehicle (ASV) is designed and built. The vehicle serves as platform to apply modern control techniques in the fields of electrical drives, energy conversion and motion control. The investigated technologies later might be upscaled and applied on real vehicles. The ASV will feature an energy management system that controls and optimizes the power flow in between the different sources and sinks of energy. The objective of the present master thesis is the comparison of two possible energy management topologies with regard to their efficiency. In a first part of the project loss models of the two topologies were developed. The model then was used to perform a numerical losses comparison for a single driving case. In the second part some of the results were validated by measurements on the ASVís hardware. In order to carry out the measurements, the motor control hard- and software of the vehicle had to be designed and built. The hardware was realized as a versatile printed circuit board that can serve as platform for different projects. The motor control software was implemented in C language on the boards microcontrollers. It consist of a motor state observer as well as different torque and speed controllers. Moreover a communication interface and a MATLAB application that enables monitoring and data exchange was developed.


Type of Publication:

(13)Semester/Bachelor Thesis

S. Mariťthoz

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