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An Output-Sensitive Algorithm for Multi-Parametric LCPs with Sufficient Matrices


K. Fukuda, C.N. Jones, Sebastiano Columbano

CRM Proceedings and Lecture Notes, vol. 48

This paper considers the multi-parametric linear complementarity problem (pLCP) with sufficient matrices. The main result is an algorithm to find a polyhedral decomposition of the set of feasible parameters and to construct a piecewise affine function that maps each feasible parameter to a solution of the associated LCP in such a way that the function is affine over each cell of the decomposition. The algorithm is output-sensive in the sense that its time complexity is polynomial in the size of the input and linear in the size of the output, when the problem is nondegenerate. We give a lexicographic perturbation technique to resolve degeneracy as well. Unlike for the nonparametric case, the resolution turns out to be nontrivial, and in particular, it involves linear programming (LP) duality and multi-objective LP.


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M. Morari

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