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Magnetic alginate microspheres: system for the position controlled delivery of nerve growth factor


G. Ciofani, A. Cuschieri, A. Menciassi, V. Raffa, S. Micera

Biomed Microdevices, vol. 11, pp. 517-527, DOI 10.1007/s10544-008-9258-4

The use of polymeric carriers containing dispersed magnetic nanocrystalline particles for targeted delivery of drugs in clinical practice has attracted the interest of the scientific community. In this paper a system comprised of alginate microparticles with a core of magnetite and carrying nerve growth factor (NGF) is described. The magnetic properties of these microspheres, typical of superparamagnetic materials, allow precise and controlled delivery to the intended tissue environment. Experiments carried out on PC12 cells with magnetic alginate microspheres loaded with NGF have confirmed the induction of cell differentiation which is strongly dependent on the distance from the microsphere cluster. In addition, finite element modelling (FEM) of the release profile from the microspheres in culture, indicated the possibility of creating defined and predictable NGF gradients from the loaded microspheres. These observations on the carriage and release of growth factors by the proposed microparticles open new therapeutic options for both neuronal regeneration and of the development of effective neuronal interfaces.

Keywords Targeted drug delivery . NGF. Alginate . Magnetic microparticles . Neuronal outgrowth


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