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Energy Management for an autonomous electric vehicle: Design of a transformer for a multisource DC-DC converter


U. Steiger

Semester/Bachelor Thesis, SS 09

The reduced-scale autonomous solar vehicle under construction at the Automatic Control Laboratory (IfA), ETH Z¨urich, requires a converter system that allows for efficient and flexible power transfer between the electrical sources and sinks on-board. To this end, a multi-source DC/DC converter with AC coupling by a common core is designed and tested. The present semester thesis focuses on the design and realisation of a suitable 4-winding transformer. The main challenge is in realising well-defined leakage inductances for all winding pairs, since these parameters are interdependent. Enabling and limiting the power transfer between the terminals at the same time, the leakage inductances should lie within a narrow band. A tailor-made design for the 4-winding transformer is described, realised and successfully tested in some respects. Further improvements will rather be done in the field of controller design, since adjusting the transformer’s leakage inductances further increases the winding process complexity and reproducibility.


Type of Publication:

(13)Semester/Bachelor Thesis

S. Mariéthoz

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