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Construction of an Autonomous Solar Vehicle


C. Elmiger

Diploma/Master Thesis, WS 08/09

In this master thesis, the mechanical construction of the Autonomous Solar Vehicle (ASV) and the implementation of the basic functions driving and steering are described. The design of the ASV is based on a concept developed preciously during a semester project (see [4]). The constructed vehicle has the size of an RC{model car. Its main features are modularity and o {road capability. Due to its o {road capability the dimensioning is very robust. It is planed to equip the ASV with solar cells which allows it to operate autonomously from other energy sources. During the master thesis a motor controller was developed and implemented on a prototype board. The communication between the main board and the motor controller is realized via a serial port. The main board also controlls the servos which steer the ASV. A separate power supply was designed for the servos. In rst applications the ASV will serve as a testbed for new controll strategies for motors and power management systems as well as for steering of automobiles. Further possible applications are autonomous navigation or obstacle avoidance for instance. Its modular assembly allows to change the morphology of the ASV without a big e ort for future still unknown applications.


Type of Publication:

(12)Diploma/Master Thesis

S. Mariéthoz

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