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Embedding Predictive Control in Hierarchical Integrated Room Automation Systems (Part 2/2)


F. Ullmann

Semester Thesis, FS 09

Aiming at an increase in energy efficiency of buildings the research project OptiControl deals with the development of new predictive control strategies for building climate control by using weather and occupancy forecasts. A current challenge within the project is to adapt these strategies such that they fit into the hierarchical structure of current building automation and control systems, which consists of high-level and low-level controllers communicating by operating modes. In this semester project a new MPC-strategy addressing the above requirements and thus delivering operating modes was developed, which is based on a HYSDEL-model accounting for both the building dynamics and the low-level controller. Its implementation is done in BACLab, the MATLAB-based modeling and simulation environment developed within OptiControl. Different versions of implementations and approximations were investigated in order to improve the performance and reduce the computational complexity. The comparison with other previously developed control strategies shows that the new strategy is beneficial.


Type of Publication:

(13)Semester/Bachelor Thesis

M. Morari

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