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Smart Armeo: A system for advanced stroke rehabilitation


M. Lawrence, A. Crema, S. Micera

ZNZ Symposium

Complete rehabilitation of the forearm requires functional activation of the proximal shoulder and elbow joints, as well as distal components such as fingers and wrist. Modern movement therapy devices such as the Armeo (Hocoma AG) enable weight-compensated, task-orientated upper extremity therapy in an interactive and motivating environment. However the integration of mechanical technologies to support patients with pronounced distal impairments remains technically challenging. To overcome this limitation we have integrated multi-channel transcutaneous electrical stimulation (TES) into the Armeo environment to provide functional activation of the fingers synchronized with reaching for virtual or real (instrumented) objects. The existing Armeo control software has been extended with new Smart exercises which simulate reaching and grasping for virtual objects. Intelligent algorithms are used to modulate the multi-channel TES, providing functional assistance with hand opening or finger closing depending upon the arm trajectory and game design. Instrumented objects can also be connected to the Smart Armeo, enabling virtual and real tasks to be combined into a single exercise paradigm. Hand aperture measurements are estimated using additional sensors; enabling users to pick up either virtual or real objects. The development of the Smart Armeo enables a complete solution for distal and proximal arm rehabilitation, whilst providing tools for advanced functional assessment within an interactive environment.


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