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High Dynamic Performance Control of Induction Motors at Low PWM Frequency for System Loss Minimization


S. Mariéthoz, A. Domahidi, M. Morari

vol. AUT10-01, submitted to IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics

The paper deals with field oriented constrained optimal control of induction motors. A piecewise affine control law is obtained by solving a constrained finite time optimization problem, which takes into account the inverter limitations and maximum admissible stator current magnitude. An observer is used to estimate motor electrical state and disturbance, which allows to effectively take into account the induced voltage and cross-coupling between the d and q axis. Combining this observer and the controller in the appropriate control structure allows to eliminate control offsets without requiring to add any integrator in the controller. The resulting control scheme requires little tuning and can automatically be generated optimally for different motor parameters and inverter switching frequencies. A good dynamic performance is obtained on a wide range of switching frequencies, which allows operating the inverter at the switching frequency that minimizes the overall system losses.


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(04)Technical Report

S. Mariéthoz

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