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Generalized active control of vibrations in helicopters


S. Bittanti, F.A. Cuzzola

vol. AUT01-09

In this paper the problem of active control of vibrations in the main rotor of helicopters is faced in the Individual Blade Control framework. We propose a controller valid for a generic flight condition by resorting to an {em LPV} (Linear Parametrically Varying) control technique coupled with the so-called {em IMC} (Internal Model Control) principle. The problem can be reformulated as the one of rejecting a periodic disturbance having known frequency acting on the output of a suitable linear time-varying dynamic model. The main advantage of our control technique is the flexibility of the LPV-IMC approach: not only it allows to face the generic flight condition but it can be adapted to comply with a rotor blade model having a complex structure. We obtain a unique controller that automatically gets adapted to the measured advance ratio. An alternative to this control rationale, would be resorting to the gain-scheduling of periodic controllers, one for each forward flight condition. However, as indicated by our previous research activity, this would require keeping memory of a large number of control laws in the on-board computer. Furthermore, an $H_infty$ control strategy is considered in order to take into account the effects of both unmodelled dynamics and unmodelled disturbances.


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(04)Technical Report

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