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A new strategy for optimal PWM applied to single phase inverters with variable DC voltage


S. Mariéthoz, S. Almér, M. Morari

IEEE ECCE, Energy Conversion Congress and Exhibition, Atlanta, GA, USA, pp. 1347-1354

Optimal pulse width modulation is investigated for two-level and multilevel single phase inverters in presence of large DC-voltage fluctuations. A steady state optimal control strategy that minimizes the total harmonic distortion is investigated. It demonstrates the need to take into account DC-voltage ripple in the optimization. An optimal pulse width modulation scheme suitable for real-time implementation is proposed. The pulse pattern is shaped using a receding horizon approach where at each time step, the difference between the generated flux and the reference is minimized. The PWM strategy can be applied to track arbitrary references (not just sinusoidal). It can moreover deal with variable DC-voltages.


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S. Mariéthoz

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