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Functional Electrical Stimulation by Wearable Garments for the Neuromuscular Rehabilitation of Hand Function


Bokyung Kim

Semester/Bachelor Thesis, FS 10

Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) has been used to repair injured neuromuscular systems. FES provides patients adaptive change for recovery in the nervous system by strengthening the connections of neural circuits or inducing a new connection1). In addition, direct electrical stimulation on nerves with a surface electro-patch can induce the movement of muscles. The Neuroprosthesis Control Group in the Automatic Control Laboratory of ETHZ has developed a prototype of a garment for hand-grasping and -opening. This wearable garment includes several electrode points which can lead to hand opening and finger flexing depending on the position of motor points. Double-sided surface electrode patches are placed between the garment and the motor points. Therefore, the positions of electrodes and motor points should be well matched to each other to properly stimulate the desired neuromuscular system. However, this design cannot be applicable for everyone due to the limited information about the motor points. In this study, we divided people into two groups, middle and large, based on their arm length. We also collected information of motor points from healthy subjects and stroke patients. These data were analyzed with various methods (fuzzy c-means, Checkshape and subclust) in order to cluster the motor points and optimize the electrode positions. Additionally, we considered noise effects due to possible distortions of the garment or related to measurement errors. Since the suggested optimal electrode positions varied quite a lot depending on the different methods, we chose the points which could cover the most motor points while simultaneously not overlapping with each other. This analysis and new garment design will help the hand stroke patients with hand opening and grasping and/or home training with FES.


Type of Publication:

(13)Semester/Bachelor Thesis

M. Morari

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