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Control of a non-inverting buck-boost converter


A. Franciosi

Semester/Bachelor Thesis, WS 09/ 10

This report deals with the design and implementation of a versatile PCB to test different types of converters. Using one or two of these PCBs, many converters as, for example, Buck, Boost, Buck-Boost, Half-Bridge and Full-Bridge converters can be implemented. The first part of the report gives an overview of the whole functionality of the system. The second part describes the design of the power supply used to supply the whole control circuit of the board. The third part focuses on the description of the Three- Level leg that is main part of the circuit and that can be used to test the performance of control systems by applying input voltage steps or load steps. The fourth part describes the auxiliary circuits that make basically the interface of the board with external circuits followed by the calculus of the losses and the power consumed by the control circuit. The last part will present the design of the layout, the experimental results, pictures of the prototype implemented, the complete schematic and the list of components.


Type of Publication:

(13)Semester/Bachelor Thesis

S. Mariéthoz

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