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Gait Identification and Recognition Sensor


M.R. Popovic, T. Keller, S. Ibrahim, G. von Büren, M. Morari

International Workshop on Functional Electrical Stimulation, Vienna, Austria, pp. 153-156

One of the major obstacles in developing reliable walking neural prostheses is poor performance of the sensors which are used for gait phases identification. Improper functioning of these sensors causes wrong stimulation pattern selection and wrong stimulation sequencing of the walking neural prostheses. These malfunctions often cause unstable walking patterns in patients that are using the prostheses. Sensors that are commonly used for gait phase identification are: foot switches, force sensitive resistors (FSRs), accelerometers, pendulum resistors and goniometers. Since none of these sensors is capable of identifying gait phases with accuracy greater than 95š decision was made to develop more reliable gait identification sensor. A new gate identification sensor, which consisted of three FSRs, an inclinometer and a rule-based observer, has been proposed. Every 50 ms from the FSRs and the inclinometer readings the proposed sensor identified one of the following gait phases: heel off, swing phase, heel strike and mid stance. The experiments conducted with able-bodied and disable subjects showed that the proposed sensory system detected the above gait phases with reliability greater than 999This footsensor was capable of distinguishing walking sequences from weight shifting during standing, and it did not give false gait annunciation when the instrumented foot was sliding during standing. Our future research is aimed at further improving the foot sensor packaging, and sensors robustness to different environmental conditions and shocks.

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