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Energy Management of an Autonomous Solar Vehicle


L. Schwager, C. Guntermann

Semester/Bachelor Thesis, SS 10

In this project an energy management was implemented using two of the versatile power converter and control modules developed in [1]. On one of these modules the Hybrid Storage System was implemented. One part of this System consists of a Hybrid Storage Controller which balances the power between the two di fferent types of energy storage, the battery and the ultra capacitor module, which were also chosen as part of the project. Other parts are some low level controllers, a cascaded controller of the power bus voltage and a controller of the battery current. On the other module a maximum power point tracking of the solar panel was implemented. A perturb and observe algorithm with constant step size was used which gives the reference of the solar panel voltage to the inner loop voltage controller. This cascaded structure allowed good performance, because the fast disturbance appeared mainly in the fast inner loop, which controls the voltage of the solar panel. The used maximum power point tracking algorithm allows setting an upper limit of the power to be generated. For most of the low level controllers explicit model predictive controllers were used. These model predictive controllers achieve good performance but take lots of calculation time on the microcontroller. One of the main challenges was to guarantee that the control law can be evaluated in the given control sampling time. To achieve this it was necessary to formulate the control problem as simple as possible and also to implement it with fast integer operations on the microcontroller.


Type of Publication:

(13)Semester/Bachelor Thesis

S. Mariéthoz

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