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Negotiated Predictive Dispatch: Receding Horizon Nodal Electricity Pricing for Wind Integration


J. Warrington, S. Mariéthoz, M. Morari

International Conference on the European Energy Market, Zagreb, Croatia, pp. 407-412

Rapid wind fluctuations make the systematic operation of electricity markets with high wind power penetration difficult. A novel dynamic pricing mechanism is presented, which uses a receding horizon principle to allow forecasts of wind power and demand to be incorporated as soon as they are available, and is shown to be capable of reducing dispatch costs on the hours timescale in volatile wind conditions. Incorporating a time horizon is shown to allow market participants to plan generator ramping decisions and storage operation better than when prices are set in a decoupled manner for sequential time steps. The scheme repeatedly updates proposed prices based on the degree to which the corresponding power outputs planned by the market participants violate constraints on the transmission network. The scheme's operating rules, based on the theory of Lagrangian relaxation, are presented algorithmically. Results are demonstrated on a 39 bus network modified to include a large quantity of wind power, as well as conventional generators, loads, and storage.


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M. Morari

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