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HYSDEL Modeling and Optimal Control of an Asphalt Base Process


B. Potocnik, A. Bemporad, F.D. Torrisi, G. Music, B. Zupancic

vol. AUT03-03

This paper addresses the problem of optimally selecting the production and delivery plan for a Asphalt Base process. This is modeled as a DHA (Discrete Hybrid Automaton) using the high level modeling language HYSDEL (HYbrid System DEscription Language), that allows converting the DHA model into an MLD (Mixed Logical Dynamical) model. The proposed solution applies to a class of optimal control problems where the goal is to minimize the total completion time, to achieve a given goal. The solution algorithm, which takes into account a model of a hybrid system described as MLD system, is based on reachability analysis ideas. The algorithm abstracts the behavior of the hybrid system into a "tree of evolution", where nodes of the tree represent reachable states of the system, and branches connect two nodes if a transition exists between the corresponding states. To each node a cost function value is associated, and based on this value, the tree is used to determine the optimal control profile.

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