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Increasing muscular participation in robot-assisted gait training using FES


R. Nguyen, A. Gonzalez, S. Micera, M. Morari

International Functional Electrical Stimulation Society Conference, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Robot-assisted gait training provides automated gait training for individuals with gait impairments. One limitation is that active muscle contractions are not necessarily induced. Muscular contractions that are synchronized with the robot, which we term muscular participation, are required for effective rehabilitation. To induce muscular participation, we propose the use of functional electrical stimulation (FES) controlled by iterative learning control (ILC). ILC takes advantage of the repetitive nature of gait training by automatically adjusting the stimulation intensity according to errors occurring during previous stride cycles. In such a manner, stimulation can be modulated to account for individual differences in physiology. The force trajectory of the right leg obtained during a high effort task was used as a reference trajectory for the ILC to follow. We compared walking within a robot while exerting no volitional effort, normal effort, high effort and no volitional effort but FES applied. We found that the use of FES resulted in less error, higher correlation, and higher muscular participation compared to normal effort and especially to no volition effort. However, we also found that use of FES resulted in more error, lower correlation, and lower muscular participation compared to high effort, implying that additional means are required to maximize training.


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