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Steer-By-Wire of Electric Boats with Two Engines Modeling and Control


N. Kariotoglou

Master Thesis FS 10 (10013)

In the following work lies an analysis of a six-degrees-of-freedom dual-propeller speed boat model aiming to provide stable maneuvering without the aid of steering gear. The concept is based on the ability of propellers to generate opposing thrust moments according to their relative position within the boat hull. An evaluation of the capabilities and limitations of such a system is carried out based on a mathematical model derived for a given design. Throughout the work, an attempt is made to approach the hydrody- namic modeling problem in a generic way via generalized hydrodynamic parameters to avoid demanding computational techniques. With the aid of a custom data acquisition device, measurements logged on a prototype boat are compared to simulation data in order to estimate all the unknown parameters. The identi cations results illustrate that the estimated model can be used to compare di erent control policies. However, the speci c prototype boat design fails to match the design speci cations set by single propeller con gurations.


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(12)Diploma/Master Thesis

M. Morari

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