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Kalman- lter based position and attitude estimation algorithms for an Inertial Measurement Unit


Andreas Hejj

Master Thesis HS 09 (10012)

The objective of this thesis is to develop stable Navigation algorithms for unmanned vehicles or low cost autonomous applications to estimate the position, velocity, and attitude (PVT) based on low-cost GPS-receiver and Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU). One Kalman lter for the attitude estimation (an attitude and heading reference system - AHRS) and three Kalman lters for the PVT estimation (an AHRS and INS/GPS fusion, a loosely coupled INS/GPS, and a tightly coupled INS/GPS) are presented. Their performance and optimality is evaluated by simulations and experiments. In a rst step a quaternion based attitude and heading reference system (AHRS), a fusion of the AHRS with GPS/INS, a loosely coupled INS/GPS, and a tightly coupled INS/GPS algorithm are implemented and evaluated with real sensor data in MATLAB R Simulink. The quaternion based AHRS and the loosely coupled INS/GPS are selected to be implemented in a second step on the microprocessor. Finally the Hardware is tested in a Hardware in the Loop (HIL) and in real ight situations showing that the algorithms can be used for navigation purposes.


Type of Publication:

(12)Diploma/Master Thesis

J. Lygeros

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