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Tracking System and Communication Interface for Miniature RC Helicopters


Jonathan Richner, Patrick Sneep

Semester Thesis, FS 11 (10079)

In many control applications the position state of a device or an object is required. Usually sensors are installed on the device to determine these states. If this is not feasible due either to weight limits, size constraints or simply design choice, external measurement units need to be utilized. In this project, an optical 3D capturing system by the company Vicon Motion Systems [8] was used to determine the position and angles of a miniature RC helicopter. Subsequently, its velocities were estimated using a Kalman Filter. Further, a communication channel between a computer running the tracking and control software and the helicopter was developed. The transmission chip of the original RC helicopter remote was interfaced with the PC via a serial connection. To demonstrate that the control loop is closed and can be run in real-time, a simple Pcontroller for the yaw angle and a hover mode were implemented. The result is an indoor testbed, which allows new controllers and algorithms to be tested and implemented on the miniature helicopters. i


Type of Publication:

(13)Semester/Bachelor Thesis

S. M. Huck

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