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Visual Inspection on Micro Air Vehicles


P. Petit

Bachelor Thesis, FS 11 (10087)

The goal of this Bachelor thesis is to provide a xed-wing prototype for aerial inspection. To achieve this goal, a system consiting of an aircraft, autopilot and suited camera system was built. A commercial autopilot called the ArduPilotMega was integrated into a model aircraft, with a mounted digital camera triggered by the autopilot. The autopilot controls the aircraft by employing a cascaded PID controller. At the example of a test ight it was proven, that the taken photos are useable for visual computing. The second half of the thesis includes an in-detail analysis of the ight mechanics and aero- dynamics of a xed wing aircraft in normal con guration. We propose a model serving as a basis for further potential developments of state estimators and state-space controllers, for example LQR. For illustration and general veri cation of the found equations, an imaginary airplane was designed and simulated in Matlab.


Type of Publication:

(13)Semester/Bachelor Thesis

A. Domahidi

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