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Nonlinear Control of a Wind Turbine


R. Burkart

Semester Thesis, FS 10 (10043)

The increasing penetration of wind energy sources in the power network highlights the trend towards renewable energy sources. Advanced control techniques for the control of individual wind turbines in a wind farm can contribute to further increase the economical attractiveness of wind power. This project deals with the development of a nonlinear control scheme based on feedback linearization, which is applied to a horizontal axis, variable speed, pitch regulated wind turbine. Additionally, a standard approach using gain scheduled linear quadratic regulators (LQR) is implemented, which serves as a benchmark for the feedback linearization based controller. As a result of the physical constraints of their components, wind turbines operate at di erent control modes with di erent control objectives. To capture this hybrid nature, a exible modeling framework based on the notion of hybrid systems is introduced. The developed controllers are designed so as to operate in all modes and over a wide range of wind speeds. The performance and the e ciency of the controllers is validated and compared via simulations. The nonlinear approach based on feedback linearization performs better in all modes of operation, and also provides performance guarantees, since its validity is not restricted to a local neighborhood of the operating point. iii


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(13)Semester/Bachelor Thesis

K. Margellos

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