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Parametrized open-loop kicking for Aldebaran's NAO H25


Ivo de Concini, Konrad Schieban

Semester Group Project, FS 12 (10163)

To achieve good results at the Robocup it is essential to develop a stable and reliable parametrized kick. As a basis for the implementation of a closed-loop stabilized kick, an open-loop kick for Aldebaran's NAO H25 was developed as well as di erent visualization tools to monitor the stability area. The rst section of this report describes how those tools were developed and how they can be used to perform on-line and o -line analysis of movements. Particular focus is also set on the code implementation, in order to facilitate the future extension of the tools to a wider set of tasks. The second section explains the used approach to implement a kicking function that uses several user-de ned parameters. One can adjust the parameters to perform various kicks that are suited to di erent game situations. It covers the di erent theoretical stages which are required to perform a kick as well as the description of our solution.


Type of Publication:

(16)Semester Group Work

B. Svetozarevic

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