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Robust control of Pan-Tilt movable Heads


Stefan Nesic

Semester Thesis, FS12 (10175)

In this project, main goal was to design a robust controller that is able to track reference points in pan-tilt space, that may also consist uncertainties of true position. The idea was to show for designed controller that stability can be guaranteed, although if we are not absolutely sure of points in pan-tilt space that we would like to track. Before the controller design, system identification on a real system (camera that can be controlled to move in pan and in tilt) was performed. The designed controller was gained with minimizing H1 norm of a closed-loop transfer function, for applied appropriate weighting functions. Signals that we wanted to minimize, were weighted with those weighting functions, and then the controller was found such that those minimizations are satisfied, but also, as already stated, that H1 norm of a closed-loop transfer function is minimized. Two different designs were performed, one that will be called ”position” controller (it doesn’t take care of velocity of moving a pan-tilt head, it just has for a goal to track reference points), and the other that will be in further on in the text be called ”velocity” controller (which basically does the same as ”position” one, but it also takes care of velocities of moving pan-tilt heads). For obtaining better controller (in both designs), then initially designed controller, D-K iteration was used. With this iteration, a better controller was obtained in a sense of better performance and more important, in a sense that robust stability was obtained. With final  controller, simulations in Simulink and runs on real system were performed, with results posed in this work.


Type of Publication:

(13)Semester/Bachelor Thesis

N. Kariotoglou

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